Handwoven cotton waffleweave dishcloth in natural ivory



Feather your nest with my handwoven dishcloth in 100% unbleached cotton.

Waffleweave is my preferred weaving structure for dishcloths. Waffleweave is threaded on the loom like a point twill but is treadled so that the weft yarn makes tiny "cells" in the cloth. After removing the fabric from the loom and washing, the cells "shrink," leaving you with a dense (but surprisingly soft), highly textured, and absorbant cloth. Because the fabric shrinks so much to create the waffle-y texture, I am required to weave nearly as much fabric for these cloths as I am for one of my dishtowels.

Woven from fine unmercerized cotton threads in natural cotton on my 8 shaft floor loom. Machine-stitched ends. Each cloth measures approximately 9.5"x 11". Cloths have been pre-washed and dried. Easy care: machine wash and dry in your preferred manner. Chlorinated bleach is not recommended.

Please take a peek at the fabric while it was on my loom. :)

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